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Designed for you to pass the Instrument Type Rating Examination (INRAT)

  • Customized Resources

    INRAT Exam Prep is specifically designed with customized course content, videos, quizzes & discussion forums to ensure you obtain the proper knowledge to pass the INRAT exam.

  • Interactive Student Community

    Gone with the archaic online courses currently offered. Engage with fellow students & ask our instructors questions via tailored discussion forums pertaining to each chapter.

  • Instructor Office Hours

    Having trouble understanding a specific concept and/or exam question? Easy - schedule a video chat with one of our instructors with our integrated Zoom plugin. We are here for your success.

What's Included

Comprehensive, Concise & Tailored Course Content

Structured Content: With over 30 hours of course content, INRAT Exam Prep breaks down each tested concept with real world examples & formulas that you can work through at your own pace.

Private Student Community: Ask questions, discuss course content & concepts with fellow students & instructors.  

Instructor Office Hours: Easily schedule a Zoom office hour with one of our Instructors pertaining to the INRAT material or just anything aviation related! 

Audio & Video Lectures: Regularly updated to represent the latest INRAT exam content.

Practice Exams: Test your theory & practical knowledge with 8 customized practice exams totaling 350 questions.

Study Resources: Downloadable PDF resources designed to assist you in studying & preparing.

Formula Sheets: INRAT specific formula sheets containing all applicable formulas.

24 Hour Instructor Reply Guarantee: Our Instructors consistently monitor our discussion forums & emails to ensure your success. 

Optimized For Mobile: Enjoy working through the course "on the go" from your mobile device!

INRAT Exam Prep is designed for...

Student Pilots, GA Aircraft Owners & Commercial Pilots who need or desire an IFR refresher course

From "Ugh" To "Aha!" - A Formula For Success

You will obtain the following measurable skills & knowledge after completion of this course:

1. Obtain the required knowledge and skills to successfully pass the Transport Canada INRAT examination & obtain your Instrument Rating.

2. Develop a firm understanding of the departure, enroute & arrival phases of flight & associated procedures when operating an aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules.

3. Confidently plan, file & operate an IFR flight plan using applicable routings, plates & navigational aids.

4. Be able to understand & interpret weather maps, charts & approach & departure plates. 

5. Gain an awareness to typical meteorological conditions including associated risks, hazards & commonalities when operating in IMC conditions.

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Meet Our Instructors


Dean Hardman

Dean is currently a Boeing 737 airline pilot with Swoop, based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Flying the Boeing 737-800 NG has been a great experience, while challenging at times flying into different countries where navigational procedures differ. Some of his favorite and most challenging destinations that he's flown to have been Orlando, Cancun, and Montego Bay. Dean is also a Flight Instructor, primarily teaching Multi Engine & Instrument Ratings. A Flight Instructor since 2014, Dean's passion also lies in teaching and mentoring others within the Aviation Industry. Previously, Dean has operated the Dash 8 Q400 with WestJet Encore as well as the King Air 200 in a Medevac role with North Cariboo Air.


Jason Migadel

Jason currently operates the Bombardier Q400 with Jazz Aviation LP. Previously a Captain on the Beechcraft 1900 with Central Mountain Air, Jason has had the opportunity to work & fly in the training, corporate, charter & schedule service areas of the aviation industry. An aspect of aviation that Jason enjoys tremendously is the teaching/instruction and mentor-ship of student pilots navigating the industry. A fundamental aspect of INRAT Exam Prep is working closely with pilots/students, providing value & a wealth of knowledge to ensure student growth & continued success. Jason's educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Degree with a focus in Finance at the University of Alberta School of Business.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Air Law

    • Welcome

    • Study Resource - Formula Sheet

    • Study Resource - AIM

    • Air Law Introduction

    • Air Law Reference Handout

    • IFR Holder Requirements

    • Aerodromes

    • Canadian Airspace System

    • IFR Separation

    • Aircraft Speed Limit Order

    • NOTAMs

    • Standard Pressure Region Hold Example

    • Air Law Exam

  • 2

    Flight Planning & Minima

    • Study Resource - CAP GEN

    • Study Resource - CAP Plates

    • Flight Planning & Minima Introduction

    • IFR Departure Procedures

    • Takeoff Alternates

    • Position Reports, Lo Chart Overview & Mandatory IFR Routings

    • VFR OTT & IFR 1000 Feet On Top

    • Clearance Limits

    • Holds

    • Arrival Procedures

    • Visual & Contact Approaches

    • Approach Minima

    • Approaches

    • GPS Systems

    • Cold Temperature Corrections

    • Remote Altimeter Setting

    • Alternate Minima

    • Alternate Fuel Requirements

    • Air To Air Frequencies & RCO's

    • Minimum Fuel

    • Communication Failure & Transponder Operations

    • Flight Planning & Minima Exam

  • 3

    Flight Instruments & Navigation

    • Flight Instruments & Navigation Introduction

    • Pitot Static System & Blockages

    • Magnetic Compass

    • Radio Navigation

    • ADF Intercept Inbound Example

    • ADF Intercept Inbound Example 2

    • ADF Intercept Outbound Example

    • VOR Intercept Inbound Example

    • VOR Intercept Inbound Example 2

    • VOR Intercept Outbound Example

    • VOR Intercept Outbound Example 2

    • What Radial Are You On? (From Indication)

    • What Radial Are You On? (To Indication)

    • What Radial Are You On? (To Indication) Example 2

    • Calculating DME

    • Primary Surveillance Radar & Secondary Surveillance Radar

    • Flight Instruments & Navigation Exam

  • 4


    • Introduction

    • Meteorology Handout

    • ISA, Cloud Formation & Stability

    • Cloud Base Calculations & Temperature

    • Pressure Systems

    • Wind Terminology, Thunderstorms & Weather Radar

    • Fog

    • Icing

    • Air Masses & Fronts

    • Weather Reports

    • Meteorology Theory Exam

    • Meteorology Practical Exam #1

    • Meteorology Practical Exam #2

  • 5

    Human Factors & Flight Operations

    • Human Factors & Flight Operations Introduction

    • Hypoxia

    • Orientation & Disorientation

    • Illusions

    • Human Factors Exam

  • 6

    Final Exam

    • Mock INRAT Exam

From VFR to IFR - Knowledge Is Key

An interactive exam prep course like no other, designed for Canadian pilots

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by Sarah S.

I recently completed the INRAT Exam Prep Course. It was outstanding! Dean is very knowledgeable and offers an incredible amount of information. He presented the content clearly, explained things well (and patiently), and made the class relaxed and fun. It was excellent preparation for the INRAT exam, which I passed right after taking the course. I highly recommend it!

Interactive Study Platform!

Brendan F.

I'm loving it (INRAT Exam Prep) so far. The user interface (UI) is intuitive & very well done!

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