Course curriculum

Material encompassing all fundamental aspects of the IFR environment

    1. IFR Refresher Course Introduction

    1. Study Resource - AIM

    2. IFR Holder & Equipment Requirements

    3. Canadian Airspace System

    4. IFR Separation

    5. IFR Flight Planning & Speed Limit Order

    6. Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) With VFR Restrictions

    7. NOTAMs/CRFI

    8. Standard Pressure Region Hold Example

    1. Study Resource - CAP GEN

    2. Study Resource - Canada Air Pilot (CAP) Handout

    3. Taxi Minima

    4. Taxi Minima Flow Chart

    5. IFR Departure Procedures

    6. Departure Minima Flow Chart

    7. Takeoff Alternates

    8. Position Reports, Lo Chart Basics & Mandatory IFR Routings

    9. Holds

    10. Hold Example - VOR

    11. Hold Example - GPS

    12. Hold Practice Problems

    13. IFR Procedures & Communications at Uncontrolled Airports

    14. Arrival Procedures

    15. Approaches

    16. Approach Minima

    17. Approach Ban Flow Chart

    18. Visual & Contact Approaches

    19. Missed Approach Procedures

    20. GPS Systems

    21. Alternate Minima

    22. Alternate Planning (TAF) Reference Guide

    23. Cold Temperature Corrections

    24. Remote Altimeter Setting

    25. Communications Failure & Transponder Operations

    1. Pitot Static System & Blockages

    2. VOR Orientation

    3. What Radial Are You On? (From Indication)

    4. What Radial Are You On? (To Indication)

    5. ADF Orientation

    6. Radio Navigation

    1. Weather Reports

    2. Meteorology Practical Exam #1

    3. Meteorology Practical Exam #2

    4. Meteorology Practical Exam #3

    1. Mock IPC Scenario

    2. Mock IPC Scenario Resources

    3. Mock IPC Ground Questions

    4. Mock IPC Answers & Explanations

    5. Mock IPC Review - Schedule An Office Hour!

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Bonus: Mock IPC Ground Briefing

Sample Route Planning & Common Examiner Questions Included!

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IFR refresher

David H

Did this on line refresher in preparation for my IPC ( Instrument Proficiency Check). As a non commercial, recreational pilot, it was a great way to review ...

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Did this on line refresher in preparation for my IPC ( Instrument Proficiency Check). As a non commercial, recreational pilot, it was a great way to review and update my IFR knowledge. I highly recommend it. David H - CYBW

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Professional Instructors

Canadian Flight Instructors & Airline Pilots

Founder/Instructor (ATPL) Dean Hardman

Dean is currently a Boeing 737 airline pilot, based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Flying the Boeing 737-800 NG has been a great experience, while challenging at times flying into different countries where navigational procedures differ. Some of his favorite and most challenging destinations that he's flown to have been Orlando, Cancun, and Montego Bay. Dean is also a Flight Instructor, primarily teaching Multi Engine & Instrument Ratings. A Flight Instructor since 2014, Dean's passion also lies in teaching and mentoring others within the Aviation Industry. Previously, Dean operated the Dash 8 Q400 as well as the King Air 200 in a Medevac role.

Founder/Instructor (ATPL) Jason Migadel

Jason currently operates the Bombardier Q400. Previously a Captain on the Beechcraft 1900, Jason has had the opportunity to work & fly in the training, corporate, charter & schedule service areas of the aviation industry. An aspect of aviation that Jason enjoys tremendously is the teaching/instruction and mentor-ship of student pilots navigating the industry. A fundamental aspect of INRAT Exam Prep is working closely with pilots/students, providing value & a wealth of knowledge to ensure student growth & continued success. Jason's educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Degree with a focus in Finance at the University of Alberta School of Business.

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